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Our Host Families

ARISE's host families are asked to provide the exchange student with room and board, as well as a loving family environment.  Families come in all shapes and sizes to include single parents, couples with or without children at home, senior citizens, etc.  All families are required to complete an application packet, provide at least 3 personal references, as well as agree to undergo a criminal background check.  A local ARISE representative will visit the host family in their home prior to the student's arrival in the U.S.  To apply, please complete the Host Family Application.

Why Become a Host Family?

  • It's a wonderful opportunity for your family to learn about another country and culture without ever having to leave your home!

  • You will have a new family member with whom you will have a lifelong relationship. 

  • You will be making an international student's dream come true!  Many of ARISE's students have been studying English and working hard to achieve their goal of spending a semester or academic year in the U.S.

  • You will be helping to promote international understanding between countries and cultures around the world!

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