Reciprocal Summer Exchange Program

The reciprocal program is a true exchange.  You will travel to one of our participating countries to live with a volunteer host family who has a teenager in their home.  In turn, your family will host the international teenager in your home.  This creates a special bond between the students and their families that will last a lifetime!

Programs for American Teens

Programs for International Teens

Select F-1 Program

The Select F-1 Program allows students to study in the U.S. at a school/location of their choice.  ARISE works with Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP)-Certified schools throughout the U.S.  Students can choose from public schools, private schools and boarding schools, depending upon their preference.  Program fees vary depending upon the school and location; however, there are schools in a variety of price ranges to meet the student’s budget.  Upon applying for the program, the student and his/her natural parents simply provide ARISE with their preferred budget, and we present them with information on schools that fit their specific financial and educational needs.

Standard F-1 Program

The Standard F-1 Program allows students to study in the U.S. at a lower cost than the select F-1 program.  Students are placed in either a public or private high school for an academic year for one low price.  Students are not allowed to choose the location or school; however, they have the following options:


  • Students may choose between attending either a public or private high school.  (Students may attend a public high school with an F-1 visa for no more than one academic year while students attending a private school with an F-1 visa may do so for one or more years.

  • Students may choose a particular activity or interest that they would like to have available to them while participating in the Program. (Activity must be pre-approved by ARISE.)


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