The international representative is a person or company in the student's home country that is responsible for recruiting and screening students that wish to participate in ARISE’s cultural exchange program. International representatives are not employed by ARISE and have their own fees and contracts with the students and their natural parents.  The international representative acts as a connection between ARISE and the natural parents while the student is participating in our program in the United States. The international representative is responsible for screening, selecting, and coordinating all international exchange students in their home country, providing them with an orientation and translating all the materials for the natural parents.  He/she follows ARISE’s guidelines, thereby assisting all participants in the adaptation process. 

Might you wish to work with ARISE please complete the area representative information form.  

Once the international representative becomes a partner with ARISE, he/she will have access to the ARISE Login Portal. This portal contains important documents and informational brochures that the international representative might need. 

Click ARISE login Portal.